Robocraft Alpha

Robocraft is currently in an alpha state, so anything said here is likely to change in time.

Like a double cheeseburger with bacon and hot sauce, Robocraft is a game of instant gratification or crippling regret. Which of the two you experience is as much about how well you build your robot, as it is about how well you play the game. Robocraft is an arena combat game at heart, and packaged with that is a really nice robot building system, allowing you to show off your skills all while gaining precious currency so you can afford your next upgrade. On top of that, the controls are smooth and tight, allowing for some skill to come into play with quick aiming, sneaky manoeuvring, and crazy flying.

"Robocraft is a game of instant gratification or crippling regret."

The game is played in short 7 minute rounds on the surface of Mars or a large Ice field on some unknown planet. Your builds are tested for their mettle within a few minutes of your work building it. When you fail you can go back to the building area and tweak some things. Add some stronger weapons, faster wheels, rocket boosters, more armour, and the list goes on. You choose each and every piece that makes up your robot, and you can build almost any sort of vehicle your mind can conjure up. Once you’re satisfied with your creation, your thrown into a battle field with up to 19 other players and their vehicles, 10 to a team. The goal is to either capture their base, or destroy their whole team.

Very simple at it’s core, yet exceedingly complicated when it comes to the unlimited combinations that can be made when designing your robot. While there are no specific classes to play, you can take on the role of whatever you want. Tank, sniper, scout, hit and runner, penis shaped trollbot, flying bomber, floating useless contraption, or even a three wheeled-wall climbing-hide-o-bot. The possibilities are endless.

The game is free to play, yet not pay to win. You can accelerate your growth through the different tiers of robots, but you cannot get any extra items over those who are playing completely for free.

This game is not only worth checking out because it’s free, but I would encourage you to spend $5 to unlock some things quickly and support the developers. Get a 4-man group of friends involved, and you will have a VERY good time.

Play it.

– Fast, fun combat, unlike any other game
– Free to play
– Controls are really good, it rewards skilled shooters
– Runs on low end machines
– Busy servers, lots of population

– Controls cannot be rebound (yet). Planned addition.
– Graphics aren’t great, but don’t need to be.

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