Games, And the Need to Finish Them

The Steam winter sales was another round of me buying a bunch of games for really cheap. Cheap enough in fact that it’s easy to buy way more games than you have time to play.

I decided that I should try and rectify that in a couple ways. I’m going to put more work into games before giving up to go play something shinier, and I’m going to start buying less smaller $2-$5 titles, and instead buy less frequent at the $20+ range. Hopefully over time I can sort of catch up to my growing library of games. I have no concrete plans to play through every game (230+), but I’m starting to work towards it a tad.

Recently I’ve played through Dishonored and found it to be absolutely fantastic. I liked it so much I played it twice in fact! That’s the first time I’ve literally sat through the credits and started a new game immediately. I finished off Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and dubbed it as one of the best games ever. I also finished Bioshock Infinite, and also dubbed it as a favourite. I then started getting back into a few games that I haven’t played in a long while, in hopes of marking them as complete on my Backloggery list. I started Warcraft IIIBioshock, and Borderlands II, all games that I had played in the past and abandoned for various reasons. I’m done Borderlands II as of last night and I am getting *very* close to finishing Bioshock.

Best game as of late? Definitely Dishonored. It has amazing combat, stealthy goodness, and just runs and feels amazing. You choose how you want to play (stealthy and less murderous, or by killing everyone), and it effects the outcome and ending.

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