RetroGameBoards  – RGB is my retro home. An excellent group of retro enthusiasts, and the main place where I converse anything retro outside of my group of friends.

RGB Scores – I host a bi-monthy retro themed competition during the cold months of the year. All the information and past competitions can be perused to your delight.

Backloggery – As you may have seen elsewhere on the site, this is where I track what games I am playing, and what games I have completed.


fydoTiles – A good friend of mine used his crack programming skills to develop a collaborative pixel art website, that’s getting more and more popular. If you’re into retro styled pixel art, it’s a ton of fun!

vidjagames – A small blog style site used more for personal use than anything, updated by my friends and I. – Fydo’s personal blog, which isn’t updated very often unfortunately. – The personal blog of friend and streamer Jadax2 on twitch. He kicks ass at Tetris.