Everdrive 64 Repair

Everdrive64 Repair

I recently picked up an N64 lot, and it included an Everdrive v2.5.

It looked terrible. It had been hand painted a bunch of times, the cutout on the top was done really poorly, and it felt cheap. The internals rattled around in the case. It worked though!

Here’s a quick gallery of my repair process.

I’m extremely happy with the results, and for the price, it was well worth it as a small project. I’m sure I’ll be getting many years of use from this purchase.

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Raskulous is an avid gamer, retro gamer, and computer enthusiast. He also spends portions of his free time doing electronics service and repair, and console modifications.


  1. Hi, i like your work, i am in a similiar situation, could you please share a link for the stickers? i couldn’t find them on Stone Age Gamer.


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