VVVVVV: The Name of the Game

You will understand the name, VVVVVV, when you play the game or watch a video.

VVVVVV shows an initial load screen that is a direct copy of the loading screen from old Commodore 64 games. The screen flashes all colours, and it has the exact same blue colour and font for “Loading…” Suffice to say, I was already smiling before I had even played the game. The game controls are very flicky, fast and a little tough to get used to, but by the time I had played through a bit of the game, I realized that this is a necessary evil to complete some of the levels. The game is based completely around one simple trick, changing gravity at will up and down (hence the name). It’s a one trick pony, but takes this concept and stretches it to the far reaches of possibility, with every puzzle imaginable with that one button press.

The game has a short simple story line tossed in which is nice, and adds a little bit of humor. You play as a captain of a ship, saving your crew members and bringing them back to your ship, via teleporters you must discover. There are no real “levels” to speak of, just an open world to explore with a map to guide you, with 6 hidden crew members to rescue, and 20 hidden “orbs” to collect. Each single screen you pass through has it’s own set of puzzles and challenges, ranging in difficulty from very easy tutorial-like, to extremely difficult twitch-moving action. There is a wide range here, and if you like a challenge this game will definitely give you that. It does however have checkpoints literally on almost every screen, so you won’t be repeating content.

“VVVVVV is deceptively simple. It’s refined, refreshing and most importantly of all, very fun.”

Don’t expect a long game, there are un-lockable game modes, and a room with “trophies” to get after you get all twenty orbs, but generally I would expect the game to last a few hours if you don’t go hunting for all the achievements. This is indie gaming at it’s best. Cheap, fun, and a fresh idea all wrapped into one game. It’s well worth it’s price on Steam, and now that it’s on sale for $2.50, you shouldn’t really think twice about it. It’s easily worth more than the price, and that is not an easy find nowadays.

Developer: Terry Cavanagh
Publisher: Terry Cavanagh
Released: January 11th, 2010
Platform: Windows, OSX
MSRP: $4.99 USD

“I have an idea. I’m going to make a platformer with one button.”

Rock it.

– The graphics fit the gameplay and theme perfectly
– Fun, fast, simple, refreshingly new
– Good controls, they take a bit of getting used to
– Inexpensive

– Short

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