Rock Band Kicks Ass, And Breaks Pedals

Rock band kicks serious ass. I thought the game was good fun when I started playing it a while back, but I didn’t see myself getting into it. I played guitar mainly because drums were too hard. I got pretty decent at guitar, playing a bunch of songs on expert, but the real hard ones would still kick my ass.

I started playing drums a bit but struggled with the kick pedal like most. Once I got used to it, I started to really enjoy it, much much more than guitar.

Anyway, I broke my own and my friends kick pedal. They like to flex with a normal note, and they will crack right in the middle of the pedal. Today me and Kyle took the kick pedals out to the shop I work at and made some aluminum pieces that fit the foot pedal. We drilled holes and riveted the pieces to the pedals. Ii looks fantastic and plays better than a stock kit. The pedal feels nice and firm, and it’s not going to flex at all now.

I play almost exclusively on expert now with drums and it’s funner than ever. The feeling of playing note for note to these songs is just awesome! I think this may be the funnest game I have ever played, and the downloadable content is really good. Especially since they have some good metal tunes.

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